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“Tour Music Fest – The European Music Contest” (hereinafter nominated TMF) aims to present and promote, to both the public and music industry professionals, new European levers and artistic projects, offering both a musical and instructive experience useful for building a professional path in the music industry.


Euro Music Network S.r.l (hereinafter nominated Organization) – Head Office: Terni (TR) Italy. C.F./P.Iva 01555660552, R.E.A. TR – 10637

art. 1


In order to participate in “Tour Music Fest – The European Music Contest Edition XVI” the artist must: Complete the registration form in the area “Enter Now” on the competition’s official website:; Filling out the registration form is the only way to enter “Tour Music Fest – The European Music Contest”.


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All artists, from whichever nationality and whichever musical genre are admitted to “TMF – The European Music Contest Edition XVI” divided into the following categories:


Singers (solo artists or duo), aged 16 and up (born before 2007), showcasing cover songs (published or unpublished).


Singer-songwriters (solo artists or duo), aged 16 and up (born before 2007), showcasing their own songs (the artist must have contributed to either the lyrics or composition) published or unpublished


Artists Under 16 years of age (born between 2007 and 2017) showcasing their own songs or cover songs (published or unpublished).


Rappers (artists and crews) of any age, showcasing their own songs (the artist must have contributed to either the lyrics or composition) published or unpublished.

art. 3



Our expert panel will review your audio or video recording and then arrange a private online feedback session by appointment with a designated member of the Tour Music Fest panel.


They take place live in 8 European countries. The artists perform live in front of the official TMF judging panel, who will hold a private interview with the artist at the end of the performance to provide professional feedback and advice. (The artists performa in 8 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Repubblic, Germany, Italy, Spain Slovenia, Republic of San Marino), Switzerland.


The best singers, singer-songwriters, and rappers selected all over Europe during the Live Auditions will perform live at the European finals, in wonderful theaters, and in front of an incredible audience. The organization covers travel, food, and boarding expenses.

art. 4



In order to register for the Smart Audition a deposit of 29€ is requested to cover administration expenses and sign up costs by using our online payment methods which can be found below in the payment methods section;

If the official TMF judging panel does not find the artist eligible for the Live Audition,  the 29€ deposit will be refunded in full.

By paying the 29€ deposit each artist has the right to take part in the Smart Audition of Tour Music Fest – European Music Contest – XVI Edition and will be entitled to:

  • Screening and evaluation on behalf of the official Tour Music Fest judging panel

  • Artistic evaluation report

  • Certificate of participation

The deposit must be made within 7 days of filling out the registration form hence a 10€ penalty on the deposit. The deposit must be paid no later than 20 days post registration.

If the artist fails to pass the Smart Audition, the organization will offer the online feedback session free of charge. If the artist fills out the registration form too close in proximity to the Live Auditions, the organization cannot guarantee the online feedback session and the artist will therefore be called directly for the Live Audition.

  THE FOLLOWING STEPS (Live Audition and European Final)

If the artist is found eligible to pass on to the following step, the artist will be requested to complete the registration fee: €95 for all categories.

By completing the registration fee, the artist has the right to participate in this year’s XVI Edition of Tour Music Fest – The European Music Contest and will be entitled to:

 a live audition in front of the TMF judging panel;

a live feedback session after the performance with TMF coaches;

 an evaluation report filled out on behalf of the judging panel;

 an artistic review written by the judging panel;

 photos taken during the live audition;

online Masterclasses with our coaches;

 video of the live performance;

 certificate of participation;


This fee is requested ONLY if the artist passes the first preliminary audition. THIS IS THE ONLY FEE REQUESTED IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN TMF, if the artist passes on to the final steps, there will be no additional costs. 

This fee is per registration and not per person. The fee is the same for all categories. 

Once the fee has been paid there will be no reimbursements. In the event of events not attributable to the organization that affect the realization of the live auditions, training courses and/or musical events connected to the festival, the organization will make sure to inform the artists about the new methods or the postponement of the events and the new scheduled dates.

art. 5


The following payment methods are accepted:

 – Online Credit Card

The link to our shop will be sent after filling out the registration form


Please send a copy of your payment to

art. 6


The Smart Auditions represent Tour Music Fest’s preliminary audition and it is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Demo upload
  2. Selection, evaluation and communication of results
  3. Professional online feedback

The artist’s goal is to reach artistic eligibility, decided upon by the judging panel, which gives the right to the second step of the contest, the live audition.


The selection process for this preliminary audition is done by listening to audio or audio/video recordings (henceforth called DEMO) sent in by the participating artists. To take part in this preliminary audition all artists must upload a demo with one track no longer than 4 minutes.

The track must be uploaded directly onto the official website. Artists will receive a personalized link once registration is complete.

The demo can be uploaded in the following formats:

    •  – Audio (mp3 or wav max 30 MB)
    •  – Audio/video (avi/mpeg/wmv/mp4 max 30 MB)
    •  – A link to a video uploaded on the web (youtube, vimeo, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, google drive, DropBox)

Once the demo has been received, the organization will send the artist a confirmation email to the email address indicated on the registration form.


All applications will be screened by the TMF judging panel. The judging panel comprises high profile professionals of the music industry, record label leaders, producers, vocal coaches, music journalists and artists. The commission will listen to and evaluate the DEMOs. The organization will send the outcome decreed by the judging panel within 14 days after sending the demo recording.


With the aim to offer an opportunity for artistic growth to all participants in the event, the judging panel will offer personalized artistic feedback to each participating Artist/Band.

Consultations will be held online on ZOOM ( All artists participating in the Smart Audition will receive a summoning email at least 7 days before the date. This email will contain the date, time and all necessary information to be well prepared for the meeting with the panel.

The Artist may request a maximum number of 1 date or time changes for the online feedback session. After having confirmed the agreed day and time, the artist will not be entitled to a new call for the online feedback session offered by the panel in case of absence. The Online feedback session is neither mandatory nor binding with respect to participation in the Live Auditions.


Underage artists are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who can demonstrate valid ID whilst online. If a parent or guardian cannot be present, an adult with authorization from a parent will be required. 



Tour Music Fest Live Auditions are programmed between July and October 2024 and will be held in 7 European countries to best contain costs for artists’ transport, board and lodging. All artists will be convened for the city/country closest to them based on the country residence indicated while completing out the registration form.

The Live Auditions are live performances in front of the official TMF judging panel who will be evaluating all of the participating artists. All artists will be required to perform 1 song, chosen directly by the artist or thanks to indications given by the panel during the online feedback session.

After receiving the official casting call via mail, the artist has the right to make one request to move the date, time or place of the audition according to availability at the time of the request.

All artists must perform live accompanied by a backing track in wav/mp3 format; in alternative the artist may be accompanied by an instrument. The main vocals must not be on the backing track and the song may be no longer than 4 minutes in length. 


All artists are responsible for personal equipment and instruments needed for the performance, except for the following which will be provided by the organization:

– 2 microphones and monitors;

– 1 keyboard/digital piano;

– Sound system and lights;


Immediately after the live performance, each artist will meet with the judging panel for a second feedback session based on the performance.


The transition to the next step will be established based on a national artistic ranking, through which the national finalists will be selected.

The results of the LIVE AUDITIONS will be communicated at the end of all of the European Live Auditions. The names of those who will have access to the European Finals will be published on our official website and on the media channels connected to the event.

The judging panel will select the following amount of artists for each artistic category:

N° 40 finalists in the “Singer” category;

N° 40 finalists in the “Singer-songwriter” category;

N° 40 finalists in the “Junior” category;

N° 40 finalists in the “Rap” category;

art. 8

During the European Final of Tour Music Fest, the official Tour Music Fest judging panel will decide a winner for each artistic category.

  1. The European Final of Tour Music Fest is entirely live.
  2. At the end of the European Final a winner for each category will be declared.

art. 9


    1. The judgment of the Artistic Commission is unquestionable
    2. For all technical and artistic directives for the performance, it will be the responsibility of the organization to send an email with all the technical and artistic details.
    3. The Artist must provide a valid email address in order to receive organizational communications and information on the event on behalf of the organization. The organization is in no way liable for missed communications.
    4. The organization expressly reserves the right to exclude a participant from the festival at any time in the event of non-compliance and/or non-compliance with this regulation by the members.
    5. The absence of an Artist on the day and time established for the audition may result in his/her exclusion from the competition.
    6. By registering, the participating artists guarantee not to violate the rights of third parties with their performance, relieving the organization of any liability. 

art. 10


The list of prizes can be found in the “prizes” section on the official website

art. 11



All participants grant free release for image rights relating to participation in the contest: photo shoots, television and/or audio/video recordings, also made by third parties authorized by the organization, on film, tape or any other means and to use, even through authorized third parties, the filming and/or recordings referred to above, both in its entirety and partially, on television, radio, Internet, audiovisual, etc. in any form and manner and with any technical means, worldwide.


Pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR 2016/679, containing provisions for the protection of the processing of personal data, the participant gives his consent to the processing of his personal data, directly or also through third parties, as well as for the complete execution of this regulation, to possibly develop: a) research studies, statistics and market surveys; b) send advertising material and commercial information relating to the festival. 

art. 12


During the period of validity of this regulation, the organization, at its sole discretion, may make additions and modifications for organizational and functional needs. The organization may also, due to unforeseen or supervening events, introduce changes and additions to protect and safeguard the artistic level of the Festival, however without prejudice to the spirit of the premises and the articulation of the event. These articles are an integral part of the general regulation of the “Tour Music Fest – The European Music Contest – XVI Edition”. Therefore, with regard to the points not reviewed, we will refer to the regulation itself, expressly accepting all its parts for acknowledgment.

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