“Tour Music Fest – The European Music Contest” (hereinafter nominated TMF) aims to present and promote, to both the public and music industry professionals, new European levers and artistic projects, offering both a musical and instructive experience useful for building a professional path in the music world.

Euro Music Network S.r.l (hereinafter nominated Organization) – Head Office: Rome (RM) Italy. C.F./P.Iva 01555660552, R.E.A. TR – 106372

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    All artists, from whichever nationality and whichever musical genre are admitted to “TMF – The European Music Contest XI edition” divided into the following categories:


    Singers (solo artists or duo), aged 16 and up (born before 2002), showcasing cover songs (published or unpublished).


    Singer-songwriters (solo artists or duo), aged 16 and up, showcasing their own songs (the artist must have contributed to either the lyrics or composition) published or unpublished.


    Singers (solo artists or duo), aged 16 and up (born before 2002), performing songs that come from a Musical score.


    Singers (solo artists or duo), aged between 10 and 16 (singers born between 2002 e il 2007), showcasing cover songs (published or unpublished).


    Underage artists can participate only if authorized by a parent or delegate. If the artist passes on to the live auditions, the artist must be accompanied by a parent or an adult with a valid ID card, a delegation from a parent and an ID of the parent. Without this the artist will be excluded from the festival.


    PHASE 1 – auditions with demo recording;

    PHASE 2 – LIVE PERFORMANCE: NATIONAL FINALS (Tour of live auditions in 6 European countries: Italy, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland);

    PHASE 3 – LIVE SHOW: EUROPEAN FINAL (Live show in a European city: Rome 2018).

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    In order to participate in “TMF – The European Music Contest XI edition” the artist must:

    Complete the registration form in the area “Enter Now” on the website:;

    Pay €25 deposit towards administration expenses and sign up costs using our online payment methods (paypal/mastercard/visa);

    Send 1(one) audio/video recording, max 5 minutes in mp3/wav/mp4/avi/mpeg format. To send video read art.3.

    After completing these steps, the artist will then have the right to participate in the preliminary phase “TMF – The European Music Contest XI edition”.

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    After having made the payment, the artist has 14 days to send a demo recording, either audio or video/audio, (the following formats are accepted: mp3/mp4/wav/avi/mov, max 15 MB ) or link to a video (youtube/vimeo/facebook/soundcloud) along with an artist resume in PDF format and photograph. The demo recording must be sent to to with the artist’s name in the subject.

    It is also possible to send the same material on a CD by registered mail to: Euro Music Network S.r.l. (Tour Music Fest), Via Monte Giberto 29, 00138 Rome (RM) Italy.

    Once received, the artist will receive official confirmation by e-mail using the e-mail address used at the moment of signing up.

    All applications will be screened by the TMF judging panel. The judging panel comprises high profile professionals of the music industry, record label leaders, producers, vocal coaches, music journalists and artists.

    All artists will receive feedback within 14 days after sending the demo recording. If the artist does NOT pass onto the national Live auditions, the artist will have the right to participate the following year, TMF XII Edition, without having to pay the 25€ deposit.

    If the artist passes this first preliminary audition, the organization will ask the artist to pay the balance of 50 Euros.

    This balance is ONLY requested if the artist passes the first preliminary audition.

    THIS IS THE ONLY FEE REQUESTED IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN TMF (if the artist passes to the final phases, there will be no further costs).

    The artist participating in the live national auditions will follow the procedures indicated by the organization by e-mail. If the artist passes the first preliminary audition and completes the registration, the artist will have the right to:

    Participate in the TMF Final Phase with a live audition in front of TMF judging panel;

    Receive an evaluation report completed out by the judging panel;

    Receive an artistic review written by the judging panel;

    Receive photos taken during the first live audition;

    Receive a video of the live performance;

    Receive a certificate of participation;

    Receive a gadget of the event.

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    The live auditions for the national finals are held in 6 European cities to best contain costs for artists’ transport, board and lodging. All artists will be convened for the city/country closest to them based on the country residence indicated while completing out the registration form. (click here to find out which country is closest to you!).

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    The best winning artists for each artistic category in each country, will pass straight on to the European Final. The International Grand Final (this year’s edition will be held in Rome, Italy) will be a live event with performances by each country’s winners, therefore:

    6 Singers
    6 Singer Songwriters
    6 Musical Performers
    6 Junior Singers

    The selected artists will perform during the “TMF – The
    European Music Contest – XI Edition”


    During the TMF Final, the official judging panel will decide the winner for each artistic category. The judging panel’s decision is final without reservation.

    If regulations are not followed, the Organization has the right to disqualify the contestant from the competition in any moment.

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    The list of prizes can be found in the “prizes” section on the official website

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    The contestants guarantee to not violate the rights of third parties with their performance, relieving the Organization of all responsibilities. Each contestant is obliged in providing a valid e-mail address in order to receive communications from the Organization. The Organization accepts no liability if such communications are not received. All payments are non-refundable.

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    Pursuant to and for the purposes of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, which contains provisions for the protection of the People and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, the contestant provides his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal information, directly or through third parties, for the integral Implementation of this Regulation and if necessary to elaborate: (a)
    Research studies, statistics and market surveys; B) advertising and commercial material.

    During the period of validity of this Regulation, The organization, at its sole discretion, can make additions and modifications for functional and organizational reasons. The Organization will also introduce modifications and additions if needed in order to protect the artistic level of the Festival, making sure to maintain the spirit and how the event is structured.

    These articles are an integral part of the general “TMF – The
    European Music Contest – XI edition” terms and conditions which the contestant declares to have read and accepted in its entirety.