Our values have been the determining factor to how we work, and it is thanks to our values that we have continued to grow over the past 12 years. We pass these values onto all of our participating artists throughout every moment of their experience at Tour Music Fest.


We believe that growth is at the foundation of everything. Growth, both personal and artistic, is one of the first goals that we want each single one of our artists to reach while participating at Tour Music Fest.


We believe that each of our participating artists can give the world their part of artistic value, our goal is that to accompany them along the road to discovery and development of their talent and their artistic identity.


Respect for music and artists is fundamental; this is why we try our best to make sure that everything is organized to perfection during every single event.


We believe that success is much more than making a TV appearance. Success is reached when you make things happen according to the goals that you set yourself. We help our artists define their objectives and build the road that will bring them there.




We love when artists collaborate with each other because we believe that the only way to grow and produce original music is through sharing one’s talent and cultural exchange.


We want to push our artists to being themselves and and have the courage to be different, showing their uniqueness to the rest of the world.


Being humble is what helps us want to learn something new each day and to always do things better. We hope that our constant curiosity gives our artists an extra push.



We believe that an equal evaluation is fundamental. Throughout each step of auditions our judging panel expresses their complete artistic opinion by meeting with the artist/band right after the audition, filling out a thorough progress report and by writing an artistic review. This feedback is seen as an activator for artistic growth, and we believe that growth is a fundamental element to living and working in such a field that has everyone envious.


Throughout each step of auditions, all of our artists are informed on which evaluation parameters the judging panel will be using during their performance. All of our artists will receive valuable feedback after each audition.


The TMF judging panel is extremely diversified. The head of the panel is M° Mogol and along with him, music industry professionals, major and minor record labels, important musical artists, journalists and musical critics.


Each artist that reaches the macro-regional round of auditions will receive the TMF packet after their audition which contains a video of the audition along with a few pics and a certificate of attendance.


There are multiple prizes up for grabs, from signing a record deal to musical instruments, musical scholarships, an international tour of concerts, musical scholarships abroad and professional music videos.


Our staff, which is made up of more than 150 professionals all over Europe, wants to make sure that the Tour Music Fest experience is as useful, exciting and enjoyable as possible for our artists. All of our auditions are scheduled by appointment, making sure that there are no exhausting queues to face. We know perfectly well that a day of work or study for an artist is important, and that’s why we make sure to take up as little time necessary.
Our TMF Artist Care helpline is always available to give informative, technical and organizational support for the auditions and live shows.


TMF will never ask you to bring a paying audience, there is no obligation whatsoever to participate in our musical training camps, and we try our best to make it as close to you as possible for the auditions, trying to avoid any extra expenses for food, board and travel. In order to maintain a healthy economy and to make sure that Tour Music Fest continues to grow, independent from the television market, we need your support by asking for a fair fee. The registration fee is fully recovered by the savings of travel costs.