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ONe music experience, LOTS OF PERKS for you


Artists meet with the official TMF judging panel after each step to receive valuable feedback on their performance.

dedicated tutor

Each artist is assigned their own tutor to follow them throughout the TMF journey

masterclass & clinics

Thanks to our collaboration with Berklee College of Music, the most renowned music university in the world, we offer free online masterclasses to all participants.


We offer all of our artists a video of their performance, photos from the event, and a complete evaluation report and artistic review on behalf of the TMF official judging panel.

If you sign up to TMF you will have the right to:


Artistic Feedback

Music Education

Media & more

Extras For the Finalists

Perks and extras for the European Finalists


The travel, food, and accommodation expenses are covered by the organization.


We provide to editing a press release, video, radio and web interviews,  and much more.


All finalists will have a personal tutor that will help guide them during the final stages of the competition. 


Being part of Tour Music Fest means being part of a complete musical journey, not just a regular audition.

Education and growth

At Tour Music Fest, we believe that personal and artistic development are key to success. That's why we provide our artists with a range of resources, from private online feedback to live interviews with the judging panel and detailed evaluation reports. Our focus on growth is one of the core principles that sets us apart and helps our artists thrive.

Win real and useful prizes

Fantastic prizes including a sponsorship contract worth €10000, a digital distribution contract with Sony Music and much more.

Believing in yourself

We're a proactive team, especially when it comes to promoting artistic growth. We believe that artists need to feel comfortable in order to perform their best, and we want to inspire them to be bold, stand out from the crowd, and showcase their unique talents to the world.

Respect for the artists

We aim to make Tour Music Fest a valuable experience, and we do this by starting with a strong foundation of solid organization. With our dedicated support, minimal waiting times, friendly and approachable staff, and a panel of judges who are both professional and compassionate, we strive to create a positive and productive environment for all participants.

Share your passion

Participating in Tour Music Fest means being in contact with singers from all over Europe that share your same passion. A way to engage in musical collaborations and meet people that speak (and most of all sing) the same language!


Throughout the year, Tour Music Fest artists are in the spotlight of the media (press, radio, TV, and web), attracting the interest of music industry experts. From the initial audition rounds to the final stages, they participate in the most significant event dedicated to unsigned and emerging music, a spectacular showcase where all the major record labels are present.

Be a part of this year's edition!

Are you a singer or a rapper? Join the new edition, showcase your music and passion, participate in music education sessions, meet many professionals and artists like you to build collaborations.

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